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A Personal Story

by Kim Ades February 15, 2015

As many of you know, in 2012, my step-son Michael was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma – a cancer that typically originates in the large bones of the body. In Michael’s case, a bump appeared on the top of his head and just kept growing…

Throughout the entire experience, Allan, my husband, was by Michael’s side. He sat vigil during each operation and procedure, went to each and every doctor’s appointment, stayed with him night after night at the hospital during his chemotherapy, and made himself available 24/7 to tend to Michael’s needs. It was a long and exhausting road.

During the process, Allan took up a form of journaling to release and express some of his thoughts, experiences, and emotions:  Each night that he was at the hospital with Michael, Allan would compose an email update and share it with close friends and family. Some of those emails were heartbreaking, some of them were light-hearted and hopeful, and some depicted the sheer worry and exhaustion that any parent would feel through the process of watching their child being injected with toxic chemotherapy treatments week after week.

After it was over, close to one year later, Allan still had a lot on his heart and mind. It was then that he decided to get it all down on paper and woke up one hour early every morning to write, edit, and re-edit his book. He used his emails as his guide to write a story that captures the lows and the highs of the roller-coaster ride he was on with Michael. For me, it was a tear-jerker. Not because it has a terrible ending (it doesn’t!), but because between the lines is the story of an incredible relationship between a dad and his son.

I am beyond proud of Allan’s accomplishment and am so pleased to share it with you here. I invite you to click on the appropriate link to buy a copy of the book, or to reach out to me by email if you’d like a soft-cover print copy. It truly is a beautiful story.

Kindle: (also available directly via any Amazon website – just search for Allan Friedman)


Kobo:  (also available on the ChaptersBooks website – just search ‘Allan Friedman’)

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